Ring around the Collar Comedy Tour

I am still trying to think of a good title for this one. However, you get what you get, so quit complaining.

The other day my wife bought me the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD. Now, we like this stuff mostly because we are from South East Texas, and we get the jokes. Hell, we are related to people that just about every joke applies to. Oddly enough, we also like comedians like Margaret Cho and Eddie Izzard.

So, while we are watching the DVD, I had this wonderfully horrible thought; “wouldn’t it be great if they had Margaret Cho with these guys?”

So was born a new kind of comedy tour:

I could see the end part where they all sit around and tell stories. Margaret would be telling the one about the cruise:

Margaret: “Am I gay? Am I straight? And I realized, I’m just slutty. Where’s my parade?”

Larry: “Did she just say what I think she said?”

Jeff: astonished look on face “Yes, I think she did.”

Bill: so shocked he can’t make any sound whatsover

Ron: taking a sip of whiskey “I like her already.”

Yep, I would really love to see that tour.

As for the sources for the image above:

Background image from http://www.oddkazoo.com/photos/roadtrip2003-Images/8.jpg.

Blue collar guys from Amazon page for the soundtrack.

Margaret Cho picture from Yahoo movies page for I’m The One That I Want.


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  1. Dude, you hit that one perfectly. I too would love to see that show!

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