How to save the Zune

Well, it seems that everybody is jumping on the “Zune is dead” bandwagon. Roughly Drafted has an article looking at Zune’s real market share, and now ComputerWorld is getting in the act, but they have the five things Microsoft must do to make Zune a success.

Well, I have my own idea about how they can save the Zune, and it a lot like what ComputerWorld is encouraging.

That’s it, have fun.


Eric S. Raymond’s big goodbye

Well, I wrote about a Bill Gates rant at this earlier post, so I guess it is time now to pick on Eric Raymond.

It seems that Eric has gotten pretty bitchy with Red Hat and decided to say “Goodbye, Fedora.” Please see the end of this post for an update.

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Scariest moment of my life

I was sitting at the table, doing something, I don’t even remember what I was doing. Now this table was made of pretty thick wood. When we bought it, we wanted something that would last. Nice thick table top, strong legs, overall they were a good, sturdy table and chairs set.

My wife was in the kitchen, I think she was putting away dishes. The girls were playing in the house and Dane was running around as usual.

Now, he did something he rarely ever did, he slipped while running, and went head first into a chair leg. He, of course, starts screaming, and I jump up and run around the table to help. He starts to get up, still screaming, and I get a good view.

Blood is pouring down the side of his face. Continue reading