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Here you will find posting from me that are kinda diary-like.  The other blog, over at blogspot, is about as flexible as a titanium rod, therefore I have setup this site. Also, that blog is where I put the stuff I actually think about before committing to the Internet. Does thinking about it more, make it any better? Not really, it just gives me the illusion of writing something insightful.

I have posted links to web sites of friends down under the blogroll below. Mostly, that is so I can keep them in one place, rather than having to update bookmarks on multiple machines, or setting up a del.icio.us account.

I will be posting pages of my photos here, along with random thoughts. If you wish to contact me, here are some ways:

  • MySpace – Because there is nothing better than a guy in his mid-30’s trying to be hip.
  • ICQ – Because there is nothing better than a guy in his mid-30’s trying to grasp at aging technology.
  • email – Because… well… I guess this is an oldie but a goodie.
  • Smoke Signals – But you better be close, or I won’t be able to see it.

OK, for photos, I have both a photobucket and flickr account. The photobucket one is the one where I pretty much put everything, and the flickr is used for only the best stuff.

Well, enough for now. Thanks.