My little liberal

Well, last week we were getting ready for the state of the union address. Just earlier that day, Jon Stewart’s Daily Show had fun with at the president’s expense.

As a former Texan, I have had the chance to see his speaking ability for even longer the most Americans. Let me say, words are not George W. Bush’s best friends.

Well, I was re-telling the joke that Jon Stewart started off with, that being the State of the Union “matches up two bitter rivals, the President of the United State, and words.”

As I was leading into the joke, our (almost) 13 year old stops, looks at me, and asks “is this a joke about the president?” I said yes, and she quickly perked up and said “oh, I want to hear it.” A tear almost came to my eye.

As a follow-up, see Jon Stewart post-address analysis here.


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