SATA Unrecoverable errors and how that impacts RAID

You may have been reading lately about the END OF THE WORLD… oh wait, sorry, just how RAID-5 is completely screwed over the next few months. Well, I am here to try and help shed some light on the situation, and hopefully, not spread some crap on it.
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Did someone say snow cones?

Wow, I came across an interview with Brad Brooks, VP for Windows Consumer Product Marketing, over at CNET. This is the usual interview in which a Microsoft VP tries to regurgitate marketing material as responses to an interview. However, this interview has 2 things going for it:

  1. The interviewer, Ina Fried, keeps asking real questions, and not letting Brad get away with just marketing speak.
  2. Brad referred the idea of Apple lowering it’s laptop prices as “taking shavings off the iceberg to create a snow cone.”

What? Wait… let me catch… my breath… hold on… ow, my side hurts from laughing so much!
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