Why do you give blood? The free shirts.

You have all probably heard the reasons why you should give blood. You know, that a unit is needed every 2 seconds, which translates to just under 40,000 units a day. The blood you donate is separated out into 3 units: red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Therefore one donation can help up to three people. Then there are all of the ways the donated blood is used. There are car accidents, shot police officers, premature babies, heart surgery patients, burn victims, and all of the other accidents and incidents in life. Most importantly, even with ongoing research, there is no artificial blood.

So, with all of those good reasons, why do you give blood. Let’s face it, this research stated that the reason why people give blood is mostly altruistic (around 3/4 of respondants). However, we really know why we give blood, and we know that only 1/4 of us was willing to not lie on the survey. We do it for the shirts and other free stuff we get.
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