Moving a WSUS server

So, you say that your current WSUS server has been through too much? Maybe someone tried different things on it. Maybe it was a DFS target, or even a DFS root; throw a little Sharepoint server on it; mix another server service or two, remove and add liberally, and you get a server that is crazy confused. Add to that the fact that it’s age is starting to show, and the hardware is out of warranty.

Given all of that, you decide to move WSUS to a new server. Hold your horses there, this isn’t like Active Directory where you can move the primary server, after an almost insane amount of work. Actually, the best instructions I have found to do that is actually installing SBS2003 in an existing domain, mostly because it covers all of the steps needed to move AD from on SBS2003 server, to another. However, there are some *ahem* automatic steps that you might have to do by hand.
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