So, what does subnetmask255x4 mean?

Well, it is a term that refers to computer networking. It means “myself.”


Every computer has an address, much like a phone number. This address is 4 sets of numbers, between 1 and 254 (actually between 0 and 255, but 0 and 255 are special numbers and can not be given to a computer). Whenever you type in http://subnetmask255x4.org, your computer is looking up that “phone number” for the computer storing the web site, and going there. If your computer can get on the Internet, it also has a similar phone number.

Unlike regular phone numbers, there is no set way of saying what is a local and long distance number. So, each computer is told its network mask, which defines the subnet that the computer is on, or in other words, what numbers your computer should consider local and what is not local.

Here is an example:

If you have a computer with the Internet Address of, and you had a network mask of, then your computer knows that everyone whose address starts with 192.168.1, is local, and everyone else is long distance. A 255 says that the number in that position is not changing for a local machine, while a 0 says that any number in that postion is valid for a local machine. A number between 0 and 255 breaks the grouping down to smaller groups, such as a group of 8 computer, or 128, etc….

Therefore, if a computer had an address of, and the network mask (or subnet mask) was set to, then the computer would only be able to see itself as being local, and no other machine.

I guess that I am trying to say that in my thoughts, I am alone.

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