CNet UK’s top ten obsolete ports

Those guys over at are smoking crack, or something! They have to be, or if they aren’t, they should be. With their latest trip down brain damaged lane is their top ten obsolete ports. Whey they reminisce about those long dead ports like SCART, SCSI, PS/2… and Firewire?
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DFS Questions and Answers

I have been looking at the Search Terms that have led people to here. I noticed that my DFS stuff was getting some hits, and I decided to write a part FAQ and part HOWTO on some DFS stuff. Here it goes.
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Don Reisinger on Apple and Google

or, a Microsoft Fan-Bay tries to bash the competition.
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BitLocker and how it’s Best Practices is Not Secure by Default

On February 21st, the security world got a cold splash of water on the face. That was the day that Edward Felton published a research paper, and a video was posted, titled Cold Boot Attacks on Disk Encryption. The basic premise is this:

  • When a laptop that uses disk encryption is running, even in sleep mode and sometimes even in hibernate mode, the decryption keys are loaded in memory.
  • Memory is not truly volatile, in that it can take up to 30 seconds for the memory to lose significant data, and much longer if the memory is chilled.
  • It would be possible to bootup a laptop with a small program that can dump the contents of the not-yet-empty memory onto an external drive.
  • An attacker can look through the memory dump for the decryption keys, and if those keys are found, they can decrypt the drive of the laptop.

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