Friggin mixed case passwords!

So. I had to add a user to the SAMBA share here today. Since this is something I only do once every 6 months or so (we do have that many new people), it is always a little adventure.

Step 1: Add user to Unix

Step 2: Add user via smbpasswd -a {username}

Step 3: Add newly created user to list of valid users in /etc/samba/smb.conf file

Step 4: Restart Samba

Step 5: Curse myself for not stopping a service running on a machine I was setting up, because that service was running from the share and hung up

Step 6: Try to restart service

Step 7: Curse service and restart machine to get service running

Step 8: Test user on SAMBA

Step 9: Stare at the screen while it doesn’t work

Step 10: Change password to same as username to test again, still doesn’t work

Step 11: Startup webmin on server

Step 12: Go through settings of known good account and new one

Step 13: Add user to special group for access

Step 14: Delete user from Unix and Samba, re-add, this time with correct group settings

Step 15: Curse because it doesn’t work, still

Step 16: Begin single step “fixes” to try and get it to work

Step 17: Grow increasingly frustrated at entire ordeal

Step 18: Reset password to username and give it one last try, because I am started to see double

Step 19: Rejoice! It worked! What the hell? It worked?

Step 20: Remember that SMB messaging converts all passwords to LC, then sends them, curse myself for using mixed case password for user account

Step 21: Go on blog, rant about situation to calm down!

Well, have fun!


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