WSUS follow-up, Automatic Approvals and Revisions fun

With all of the problems with Windows Desktop Search rolling out without explicit approval from WSUS, I have closed down all automatic approvals, and now have to manually approve every update in WSUS. At least I thought I had.
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WDS and WSUS fallout

Well folks, if you are a System Administrator running Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), then you have had to deal with Windows Desktop Search 3.01 and the havoc it wrecks on computers and networks.

Now, Bobbie Harder, the Program Manager for WSUS, has responded. He states “revisions are only titled as such, when metadata or applicability rules of an update package change, never the binaries.” However, this is a lie.
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I’z in ur phone, txtng your bff

Yesterday evening, I received the following message on my phone from my best friend:

Dood. I has a
toy. Look up
tmobile mda
bwah hah hah

Yes, he now had the MDA, which you can read about here:

Oh gods!

My boss can be so much “fun”

Well, I have just had one of those many fun times at work.

My boss calls me into his office. He is hunched over his keyboard staring at a “The page cannot be found” in IE. He points to it and mumbles about not being able to access a development page. I look at the URL and see one of the internal addresses on it.

He quickly hops over to Putty, where he has SSHed into the *nix server and has the apache httpd configuration file opened.

Now, I am getting ready for the little snippet of tech-based insanity that is about to come my way.
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Friggin mixed case passwords!

So. I had to add a user to the SAMBA share here today. Since this is something I only do once every 6 months or so (we do have that many new people), it is always a little adventure.

Step 1: Add user to Unix

Step 2: Add user via smbpasswd -a {username}

Step 3: Add newly created user to list of valid users in /etc/samba/smb.conf file

Step 4: Restart Samba

Step 5: Curse myself for not stopping a service running on a machine I was setting up, because that service was running from the share and hung up

Step 6: Try to restart service

Step 7: Curse service and restart machine to get service running

Step 8: Test user on SAMBA

Step 9: Stare at the screen while it doesn’t work

Step 10: Change password to same as username to test again, still doesn’t work

Step 11: Startup webmin on server

Step 12: Go through settings of known good account and new one

Step 13: Add user to special group for access

Step 14: Delete user from Unix and Samba, re-add, this time with correct group settings

Step 15: Curse because it doesn’t work, still

Step 16: Begin single step “fixes” to try and get it to work

Step 17: Grow increasingly frustrated at entire ordeal

Step 18: Reset password to username and give it one last try, because I am started to see double

Step 19: Rejoice! It worked! What the hell? It worked?

Step 20: Remember that SMB messaging converts all passwords to LC, then sends them, curse myself for using mixed case password for user account

Step 21: Go on blog, rant about situation to calm down!

Well, have fun!

Scariest moment of my life

I was sitting at the table, doing something, I don’t even remember what I was doing. Now this table was made of pretty thick wood. When we bought it, we wanted something that would last. Nice thick table top, strong legs, overall they were a good, sturdy table and chairs set.

My wife was in the kitchen, I think she was putting away dishes. The girls were playing in the house and Dane was running around as usual.

Now, he did something he rarely ever did, he slipped while running, and went head first into a chair leg. He, of course, starts screaming, and I jump up and run around the table to help. He starts to get up, still screaming, and I get a good view.

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Al Qaeda declares “go away, or we will taunt you a second time!”

Appearantly, Al Qaeda has decided to attack the United States, and President Bush, with words.

Yes, you read that right, they are now attacking with personnal taunts against Bush, by saying that he is an alcoholic liar.

OH MY GOD! We might have a politician who has a drinking problem, and who lies! That’s good, I thought he was addicted to power and a pathological liar, I guess things are starting to look up.

As for the title of this one, it is a paraphrase from a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.