Kindle Burned?

Unless you have been hiding in a cave with no Internet access, then you have heard about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire. Then again, if you have been hiding in a cave without Internet access, how did you get this page?

Well, most people are making comparisons between it and the iPad, so I am going to also. Please note, that I am aware that the two are very different, but if other people get to make wild comparisons, then I do also.

Here is the breakdown that I see comparing the Kindle Fire to the iPad2, in that the Kindle Fire has:
48% smaller screen area
30% thicker
30% lighter
50% of the storage (not counting limitless? cloud storage)
25% less battery life
no bluetooth
and all this for 60% cheaper.

Hmmm… doesn’t sound like that great of a deal to me.


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