What is acceptable and what is not? Does a facebook status differ from a twitter tweet?

I starting thinking about this when I thought of a humorous little comment, that I was going to post as a facebook status. When I then thought “wow, I have coworkers on here. While they may be friends also, is this something I wanted them to see me doing while within the 8-5 time range?”

Yes, I had this humorous comment come to me during work time; and yes, one of the first ideas that came into my head was to share it with people I know. That would be either tell it to them, email it to them, or post it to facebook.

The first idea would not work, because I am at work, and some humerous comments are not acceptable. The second idea, while working, would have been hard to fully convey. The third would work, because people do not mind having only part of the joke and filling in the rest.

However, I am at work. Some of the people I work with are on facebook, and are my friends. So, in a way, options 1 and 3 start blurring together. Then I thought, “what if I had a twitter account, would that be different?”

That has led me to wondering, is there a difference between facebook status updates and twitter tweets? If so, what is the rationale for such a difference? While everyone who is your friend sees your status updates, unless they have chosen to hide you, people who have chosen to follow you on twitter see all of your tweets. So, where is the difference, at least in what is, or is not, acceptable?