The new Microsoft ad campaign

Huh? Wait, no really, huh?

I finally saw what I believe is “the” Seinfeld-Microsoft ad on youtube. First, I thought I had the wrong video, and this had to be something else, but then again, I can’t believe there are that many videos of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld out there.

If you want to see the video, your best bet is to search for it at youtube because it seems that any single one put up is dropping off pretty quickly.

Go, find one that is still up, watch it, and come back, I can wait for you….

So, you went, you saw, you sat there just like me going “WTF!” Let’s face it, this is the most asinine commercial I have ever seen. Now do you understand why I thought this was not the commercial that costs $300 million. $300 million! Where did the money go, and what the hell, other than this sad mini-Seinfeld episode, did it purchase?

Now, let’s compare the $300 million Microsoft ad, with the $150 thousand (yes, just thousand) for the Sarah McLachlan – World on Fire video. Yeah, pretty depressing.

Thank you Microsoft for proving that Operating Systems are not the only things you are not good at.


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