The 13 year old LCD monitor. What?

Well, the other day I contacted a nameless company that sells lots of computers to get an LCD monitor replaced. Seems this monitor decided that it didn’t really want to work anymore. OK, it didn’t want to work from the VGA port anymore. It would power up, show an image, then quickly go to a split white/black screen, then go to a full white screen. Using the DVI port, it worked fine.

So, I contacted their support to get it replaced. They asked for the serial number of the machine it is supposed to be attached to, and I said truthfully, “I have no idea.” See, like many large places, monitors have been moved on an as-needed basis. Heck, it is possible that this monitor was bought as part of a large order, for an existing system when we upgraded to 2 monitors per desk some years ago. After going around about this for about 15 minutes, they decided that I should give them the Serial Number for the monitor itself, and go with that.

So, I give them the serial number from the monitor, in which they reply that the monitor is out of warranty, since it was made in 1995. I was sure that this model didn’t exist in 1995; a 19″ LCD, with DVI input… yeah, didn’t exist in 1995, I’m sure of it. I mentioned this to them and they said that according to that serial number, it was made in 1995. I had them verify that serial number with me. They checked, and held to their position that the monitor was 13 years old and, therefore, out of warranty. I didn’t make a big fuss, I was pretty sure this monitor was a replacement for a different 19″ monitor which had died, and was now past the 3 year warranty period.

But still, kinda funny. I am included some pictures of the monitor, just for fun. Oh yeah, since the DVI input works fine, I have it on my desk right now.

The unnamed company\'s 13 year old monitor.

The unnamed company\'s 13 year old monitor.


4 Responses

  1. Weird. The manufacturing date clearly says August 2006. Tech Support can be funny sometimes.

  2. Pat, most likely it was just a phone monkey. They can only go by what is on their screen. If their system says that Serial Number is for a monitor from 1995, then that is it. Anyways, I had more fun out if the conversation than anything else, and the monitor still works, so I will get to snicker every time I look at it (which is a lot).

  3. not only the manufacture date is shown, but also the last two digits of the model number are the year in which it was marketed (the first two digits are the screen size).

  4. I have exactly the same monitor, and at this point it actually is 13 years old (going on 14). Still going strong as my daily driver after all these years. Got it with my XPS 400 back in June 2006 and am now using it with my new Dell, an XPS 8930 from November 2018. I’ll soon be looking for a new one, but I’ll always have a place in my heart for ole faithful. :)

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