DNS Attacks

There have been a number of recent articles on DNS attacks, some good, some not as much. This posting is meant to help explain some of the types of DNS attacks, how they are used, and some simple defenses. For clarity, a DNS attack is any attack focused on either DNS servers, so that they would return incorrect information to user’s DNS requests, or attacks attempting to change which DNS servers a user goes to by default. This post does mention Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, but this should not be considered a full covering of all such attacks. This is simply a few types of DOS attacks.
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Linux is going all schizo on us!

This post is way out of date, but what the hell, I think it is still valid.

ZDNet has provided some wonderful troll fodder in the form of the article “Linux and its identity crisis“.

So, it seems that Don Reisinger ran off and read some pissing and moaning between the various scheduler viewpoints, and tried to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Here is my review of the article:
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