Scariest moment of my life

I was sitting at the table, doing something, I don’t even remember what I was doing. Now this table was made of pretty thick wood. When we bought it, we wanted something that would last. Nice thick table top, strong legs, overall they were a good, sturdy table and chairs set.

My wife was in the kitchen, I think she was putting away dishes. The girls were playing in the house and Dane was running around as usual.

Now, he did something he rarely ever did, he slipped while running, and went head first into a chair leg. He, of course, starts screaming, and I jump up and run around the table to help. He starts to get up, still screaming, and I get a good view.

Blood is pouring down the side of his face. There is a cut right beside his eye, I can’t tell if the damage extends to the eyelid. Melissa gets there and starts to freak out. Honestly, I was freaking out also. She starts getting the girls together and we start out for the car.

She is in such a rush, that after we got the children in the car, I had to make her stop, so I could go in and get a clean towel to try and stop the bleeding with.

Now, Dane was in the middle of the back in his car seat. His oldest sister was on his left, his youngest sister was in the front seat, and I was going to be sitting on his right, so I can put pressure to stop the bleeding. While I am in the house getting the clean towel, his oldest sister starts trying to console him. He looks over at her, and she sees the bleeding clearly, for the first time, and she freaks.

So, I get back to the car, with my wife and the oldest daughter freaking out, and the youngest daughter not freaking out as much, mostly because she has not had a good view yet, and doesn’t want one. My son is still screaming like he is being attacked by wolves.

We race to Minor Care. Now Minor Care is across the street from the Emergency room at the nearest hospital. But you only go to Emergency if Minor Care won’t take you. If it is not life threatening, you don’t go to emergency, they will make you wait until it is life threatening. By the time we reached minor care, the bleeding has stopped, but we can’t tell how bad the damage is.

We wait, and wait, and wait some more. A grandmother shows up to take the girls to her house so they don’t have to wait with us. About 5 minutes after Dane has had it with being in the place, the doctor shows up, looks over the wound, and makes her prognosis. No major damage. The wound does not extend into the eye, it is about 1/4 inch away from the eyelid, but nothing to be too worried about. She starts the procedures to give him stitches. We start with the shot to relax him, and then when he is tired, but not out, we begin the stitching.

I say we, because it took the male Physicians Assistant and myself to pin Dane down while the doctor stitched him up. Even drugged up, he wasn’t having anything to do with this. The PA was holding his head still, I will pinning down the rest of him. Let me tell you, and 3 1/2 year old hyperactive autistic boy can resist being held in place with great vigor and force. Now, have some stranger using what looks like needle and thread right beside his eye, and you can forget any co-operation from him.

She finishes up with him, we get ready to go, and he is more than ready to go. We pick up the girls, go home, and I finally have my nervous breakdown over the matter.

See, I don’t do well with blood and

We go to the hospital, and after a long night, we finally end up with him getting stitches just about a 1/4 inch from his right eye.


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