I’m getting tired of this shi… snow.

OK. It snowed last Thursday. Fine. It was kinda nice to wake up to a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. A little hairy getting to work, but other than that it was nice.

So, Thursday goes about its business, and then comes Friday. There is still snow on the ground. The stuff that has been driven on, or walked on, has gone, but not the rest of it.

This persists through Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Folks, enough snow to see, but not play with, is a little annoying. Even more annoying is the fact that to keep this snow, we are having temperatures that are barely going over freezing. I’m sorry, but we choose the Pacific North West for it’s lush green climate, the rain, and the fact that snow days are not measured in weeks here.

Come on, let me get a little warmth. I hate that the only way to get really warm is in the shower, and then when I get out, BOOM, I start getting cold again.

I grew up in SouthEast Texas, where the entire place comes to a screeching halt when the temperatures threaten to come anywhere below 40 degrees. Mustless below 20 for the lows at night!

Ahhh! I need sun, and warmth, preferably a warm sunny beach!

Oh well.

Thursday, January 11th:

Tuesday, January 16th:


2 Responses

  1. Heh, I got to complain about the 9 months of summer in SE Texas, now I complain about the 9 months of not summer here. :)

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